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Understanding 5G, get up to speed, download the 68 page guide

This Understanding Guide will review the technology and society trends that are driving the future of mobile broadband networks, and derive from here a set of future requirements. We will then look at the key technical challenges and requirements, and some of the research subjects that are addressing these. Examples of this include Cloud- RAN, massive MIMO, mmW access, and new air interface waveforms optimized for HetNet and super-dense networks.

  The guide will then review the impact of these 5G developments to the test and measurement industry. Looking at how the 5G technology will change the requirements and parameters we will need to test, and also at how the 5G technology will be used by Test and Measurement to align the test methods to network evolutions. The final section takes a more in-depth review of some specific waveforms being evaluated for air interface access.


Contents cover the following subjects and more.


  • 5G mobile broadband objective
  • 5G project summary
  • 5G requirements
  • Future Testing for 5G
  • Future test instruments
  • Introduction to 5G waveforms

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