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索取 400G Ethernet 測試技術海報

Physical Layer Technologies Towards 400G Poster

This poster (A1 full-color) gives an all-in-one overview of 400-Gbit/s transmission technologies and standards under discussion and R&D.

The rapid spread of Cloud Computing Services is driving massive traffic increases at data centers. Consequently, standards for new high-speed interfaces, such as 400GbE and 56G-CEI are under investigation to increase speeds between servers and network devices. This poster introduces the draft standards and technologies now being discussed by IEEE802.3bs and OIF.

  • 400-Gbps Standards Under Discussion
  • 400-Gbps Ethernet Nomenclature
  • 400-Gbps Ethernet PHY Layer Standards
  • 400-Gbps Optical Transmission Technologies
  • 400-Gbps Modulation Methods
  • 400GBASE-SR16 Block Diagram
  • 400GBASE-PSM4 Block Diagram
  • 400GBASE-FRx/LRx Block Diagram
  • DPSK and DQPSK
  • Intensity Modulation and Phase Modulation
  • Dual DP-16QAM
  • OIF/CEI-56G Outline
  • TX Output Jitter



This poster (A1 full-color) gives an all-in-one overview of B100G networks now under discussion and R&D.

Networks are seeing explosive increases in required bandwidth due to the surge in mobile broadband services, such as LTE and LTE Advanced as well as IPTV. To meet this need for more bandwidth, more core networks and data centers especially are moving from legacy 10-Gbps speeds to 10-times faster 100-Gbps network technologies. Despite this improvement, the future will require even higher bit rates called Beyond 100G (B100G). The focus today is on R&D and discussion of new standards centered on 400 Gbps. With four 100-Gbps channels supporting simultaneous testing, Anritsu’s MT1100A Network Master Flex is already the perfect fit for R&D into 400-Gbps technologies. This poster introduces the B100G technologies and standards now in discussion and R&D.

  • Growth of Network Bands
  • Future Bit Rates and Lane Numbers
  • Telecom Network Transmission Distances and Protocols
  • Data Center Network Bit Rates
  • 400-Gbps Standards In Discussion
  • B100G OTN Ethernet Mappings
  • Flexible Rate OTN Mapping Examples
  • 400-Gbps Ethernet Nomenclature
  • 400-Gbps Ethernet PHY Layer Standards
  • 400-Gbps Modulation Methods
  • 400-Gbps IEEE 802.3bs Architecture
  • 400-Gbps Network Test Block Diagram Examples
  • Glossary

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