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Evaluation of RF Network Testing


Transmission Line and Antenna Testing has become a common test of RF network integrity over the past few years

This relatively new testing methodology is a result of new test equipment evolutions and the need to fully understand the integrity of RF networks after installation.

While common today, in the past this component was ignored because the equipment necessary to perform the tests was either laboratory grade or non-existent in the field. Recently, it has become evident that, while the capabilities of testing the integrity of transmission line, connectors, and antennas is readily available in the field, the results and conclusions of this testing are not consistent.

  • Test Equipment — allows the components of the system to be optimized and verified to specific standards used in the design.
  • Absolute vs. Relative Testing — testing of an RF network can be performed in two configurations – Absolute and Relative Testing.
  • Standardized Tests — proper evaluation of an RF network involves performing a set of standardized tests consistently.
  • Method of Procedure — a Method of Procedure (MOP) is needed to ensure a standardized approach to testing.


The purpose of this paper is to develop and achieve consistent results.

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