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Nonlinear Transmission Line Technology


Introducing Nonlinear Transmission Lines

Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology has historically been used for pulse shaping applications and in digitizing oscilloscopes. Over the years it has proven itself to be a highly credible, robust technology. It has been refined by Anritsu for high-frequency use, and complemented with novel monolithic broadband directional bridges, multiplexers, and other key components, resulting in NLTL-based samplers and distributed harmonic generators that overcome the limitations of SRD-based sampling VNAs and meet the needs for a high-performance frequency-scalable VNA architecture.

This paper provides an overview of the high-frequency technology deployed in Anritsu’s VNA families.

It is shown that NLTL technology results in miniature VNA reflectometers that provide enhanced performance over broad frequency ranges, and reduced measurement complexity when compared with existing solutions.

These capabilities, combined with the frequency-scalable nature of the reflectometers provide VNA users with a unique and compelling solution for their current and future high-frequency measurement needs.


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