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High-Output Semiconductor Laser White Paper


This White Paper explains the operation principles, characteristics, and applications of high-output LDs developed as pumping light sources for the various types of optical fiber amplifiers, such as EDFA and Fiber Raman Amplifier.


1. Introduction

2. Principles of High-Output Semiconductor Laser

    2.1 Structure of Module and LD Chip

    2.2 FP-type Semiconductor Lasers with FBG

    2.3 Precautions

3. Characteristics of High-Output Semiconductor Lasers

   3.1 Module Characteristics

   3.2 Reliability

4. Application Fields

   4.1 Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA)

   4.2 Fiber Raman Amplifiers (FRA)

   4.3 Fiber Lasers and ASE Light Sources

   4.4 Optical Sensing and Other Applications

5. Conclusions

6. References