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Characterizing a Coaxial Transmission System


Complimentary application note: Accurately characterize loss and reflection of long, embedded coaxial transmission systems

Learn how to easily and accurately measure end-to-end loss and reflection on embedded coaxial transmission systems using a swept frequency range, where each end of the system is separated by long physical distances.

Properly measuring end-to-end loss in coaxial and waveguide systems can present significant challenges once those systems are permanently installed (embedded) and their physical ends are located at far distances away from each other. Learn how the Microwave Site Master S820E is capable of performing all the required reflection measurements including DTF to overcome these challenges.

The following topics will be covered in this application note:

  • Introduction to common problems presented when coaxial transmission systems are permanently installed within an enclosed environment, and each end is separated by large distances
  • The benefits of swept frequency measurements vs single or multiple CW frequency point measurements. Includes example of defective cable found only after performing swept measurement
  • Detailed list of required items to perform the described measurements
  • A step-by-step complete procedure from start to finish with detailed photos and instructions
  • Supplemental information: Using dual screen mode for simultaneous measurements, and using DTF for troubleshooting defective cables


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