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Anritsu PCIe 5.0 SerDes Test and Analysis

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is the leading interconnect I/O technology for hard drives, solid state drives, graphics cards, Wi- Fi and internal Ethernet connections. PCIe consists of a set of fast, scalable and reliable I/O standards for serial data transfer buses. PCIe 5.0 operates at 32 GT/s with NRZ signaling, which is a huge challenge. With up to 36 dB of loss, CTLE and DFE at the receiver coordinate with FFE at the transmitter—called “Link Training”—which is necessary to open eye diagrams as much as 10 mV.

Download PCIe 5.0 SerDes Test and Analysis to learn how PCIe meets the challenge of 32G NRZ with complete descriptions of the technology and detailed, step-by-step guidance through the crucial SerDes tests.