SS-OCT Measurement - Analysis Method and Actual Measurement Examples -

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a well-known non-contact technology for inspecting internal structures using light. OCT visualizes internal structures by irradiating the object with light and calculating the relative distance using the interference signal generated by the reflected light from the internal refractive index boundary surface and the reference light. It is widely used for inspection of biological tissues, mainly for ophthalmology.

This white paper explains measurement principle and some kinds of examples for SS-OCT.


1 Introduction

2 SS-OCT Measurement Procedure

2.1 Measurement Principle

2.2 Examples of Interferometer Configurations

2.3 Linearize Processing and Sampling

2.3.1 Hardware Linearize Processing

2.3.2 Software Linearize Processing

2.4 Delay Compensation

2.5 Wavelength Dispersion Compensation

2.6 Optical Path Length Difference Measurement of Reference Interferometer

2.7 Distance Calculation

2.8 Wavelength Sweep Width and Resolution

2.9 Temporal variation in distance measurement

3 Measurement Examples

3.1 SS-OCT Measurement

4 Summary

5 Reference