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Anritsu WLAN Product Evaluation Guide Application Note

 WLAN Product Design Guide ~Parts Selection~

The first application note explains what to consider to achieve the RF performance (signal quality) required to implement stable communications in any environment, as well as what WLAN module to choose from.

WLAN Product Evaluation Guide ~Competitor Investigation~

The second application note explains the competitor investigation procedure, basic knowledge about WLAN LAN evaluation and Throughput/RF Performance evaluation examples.

WLAN Product Evaluation Guide ~Product Design and Development Volume

The guide explains the key points in product design, how to chose WLAN module, and implementing it.

It also explains the two methods for required evaluating RF performance of WLAN product. The one is wired IEEE 802.11 based evaluation and the other is wireless CTIA/WFA Test Plan Based OTA.

Wireless LAN Product Evaluation Guide 
  ~Certification Guide~ 

This guide describes certification required for shipping completed WLAN products to market.

Various standards and regulations have been decided to establish WLAN product functions and safety.
This document explains the required regulatory certification, which is obligatory and closely related to WLAN product communications performance.



 Wireless LAN Product Evaluation Guide 
  ~After Commercial Release~ 

This product evaluation guide is the fifth volume that was developed to help engineers starting to implement wireless LAN (WLAN) technology to connect their products to the Internet.